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Home page
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The Home Page is where you will see all your plants, add new plants to your fleet, as well as add and manage users along with suitable account permissions.


If you only have a single facility, you will see a single graph, or block.  You can click on any block to visit that facility’s main site.  Or, as always, you can click on the name of the facility to enter.


Select a KPI to Display

Each block contains a single plant KPI. You can select the same KPI for each plant, or different KPIs for the various facilities.

Add a plant

The Home Page also allows you to add a new plant to your fleet. Selecting the “Add New Plant” option launches a plant setup wizard that takes you step by step into setting up a new facility. Once set up, a new block will appear on Home Page, allowing you to click into that plant and set up that plant’s forms, KPIs and alerts.

Users Tab

The Users tab is where to create users within your account. Users can be assigned to a single plant or multiple plants. Simply click "Add New User" and the pop-up will walk through the setup process.  

User Roles

Permissions such as access to various screens, features, editing and creation capabilities, vary depending on the assigned user role.


There are currently 6 roles available on the Pani ZED™ platform:


  1. Account Owner/Admi– this is created by Pani when the account is created. This role is not editable and cannot be deleted.
  2. Admin – this is the first user a new client needs to create when getting started. This Admin and has full configuration control and management of users at assigned sites. This role can be edited and deleted by the Account Owner Admin.
  3. Area Manager – this role is for a user that is responsible for one or more plants. This role can change most aspects of site configuration and manage users at individual plants and at individual sites.
  4. Plant Manager – similar access rights to the Area Manager, however they can only add users and edit features at their one plant.
  5. Process Analyst – can create new dashboards, analytics, and adjust some KPI settings.
  6. Operator – this user can enter data into the system, but cannot configure reports, views or users.


The role labels are descriptive representations of permission levels. If you want a particular operator to be able to edit reports, for example, set their access to Process Analyst or Plant Manager.


Important note: the first user must be an Admin role, so that they can accept the Terms & Conditions on behalf of the account.  Without this step, new users will be unable to access the platform, and will instead see an error message that the company terms have not been accepted. 

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