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Typical Usage/Use Cases
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Once the system is configured, there are several ways to interact with the data and the Insights that the system provides. Here are a few scenarios to help you get maximum value from the Pani ZED™ platform.


Typically, operators are focused on ensuring the plant is running in a stable and safe manner. Here’s how a typical day looks with Pani ZED™:

  • The operator logs into the platform and reviews the overview page. This provides a quick bird’s eye view of what is happening at the plant.
  • The operator looks at the Insight alerts icon, and if red and showing alerts, flips over to the Insight page for a deeper dive into potential issues.
  • The operator reviews their critical and warning Insights. These Insights provide potential actions that the operator should take to ensure continued stable and safe operations.
  • The operator may want to confer with plant management or senior staff to agree on a course of action based on the Insight’s recommendation.
  • After Insights have been addressed, the operator can go to the Data tab and enter information in the various logbooks and workflows. In addition to data coming from real-time sensors, logbook entries can update Overview reports as soon as the data is entered.

Process Analysts

Process Analysts can use the Interactive, Forecasting and Optimization tools to perform deep dives on plant operations with the goal of finding ways to improve output and performance, or to save costs.

  • The Process analyst reviews daily and weekly plant performance reports.
  • (optional) The Process analyst uses Playbook to create studies, looking for optimization opportunities.
  • The Process analyst uses Insights and Analytics to attempt to resolve issues or find root cause analysis.

Plant Managers

Plant managers can use Overview, Interactive and Insights to ensure their team is on top of plant operations.

  • Review Overview to ensure efficient plant operations.
  • The Plant Manager can check on plant operations using their mobile device to monitor Insight notifications 24/7.
  • The Plant manager coordinates with plant operators on Alert responses and implementation of Process Analyst recommendations from Playbook or Analytic studies.
  • Monitor daily L1 alerts/reports for critical and information issues.
  • Monitor weekly L2 plant performance report and use this to communicate aggregate plant operations to executive staff.
  • (optional) Create an Operations Manager Weekly Report in Overview to send to senior executives.

Area Managers

Area Managers typically oversee more than one plant. When a user is defined as an area manager (or admin), they will have access to the Home Page and will be able to see multiple plants. If the Area Manager wishes to get specific information on a particular plant, double-clicking that plant’s tile on the home screen launches that plant’s instance and Overview screen.

  • Area Manager reviews daily/weekly plant performance reports 
  • Area Manager logs into the platform, lands on the Home Page
  • Area Manager reviews overview block for each plant to see if there are any issues.
  • Area Manager double clicks on a particular plant to see examine details. Can review Insights and Alerts to see if any issue requires immediate attention.


Administrators are responsible for the plant and user setup. Among their duties:

  • Add plants to the fleet.
  • Add users and assign roles/permissions.
  • Respond to user requests for permission changes.
  • Create forms, kpis and alerts (or delegate these tasks to other senior users).
  • Register with Pani for support portal access. This allows for the creation of feature request and support tickets.
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