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Pani ZEDs™ Forecasting feature is a service prediction tool that informs the user and the operations team when it's Time To Service (TTS) a membrane skid. This includes membrane cleaning and replacement. 


Forecasting predicts the number of days until a specific threshold is reached indicating the need for servicing.  It also informs the user of consequences if servicing is not performed. This allows the operations team to balance potential conflicts between servicing an asset and lost production. 


In a nutshell, the Forecasting feature helps you to know when it's Time To Service and keep track of membrane servicing and replacements by providing a Forecast, Criteria, Consequences, and Alternate Actions, as seen in the image below:



Asset Menu

The asset menu displays each of the RO trains in the treatment facility.  Once an RO train is selected, the screen will show the type of membrane service and how many days ago it was performed. It will also indicate when the next membrane service is due.


Forecasting Details 

Forecasting events can be chosen by selecting the forecast. The user can then review the graph to find more details of the forecast.  


This includes a trend line estimating when a particular threshold will cross the performance threshold and a membrane servicing will be required.  It will also provide alternative actions if the user decides not to proceed with the servicing. 


Customize Forecasting 

The user has the option to setup and customize an assessment for a forecasting analysis.  This includes the thresholds and the date ranges. 


On the “Assessment” screen different criteria will be colored either red, yellow, or uncolored. Each color is set to a specific quantity of days prior to the event, this quantity of days can be changed by the user.   

  • Red: event requires immediate attention or is due today. 
  • Yellow: event requires attention soon and resources should be planned accordingly. 
  • Uncolored: event should be on the radar but does not require any current preparation. 
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