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Analytics page
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Analytics provides system-specific diagnostic tools to monitor and evaluate process and asset statuses, equipment degradation, and plant performance. This section provides an overview of the Analytics page for the Reverse Osmosis process in an industrial facility. Depending on plant type, the included Analytics may vary.

Analytics Benefits

Analytics provide greater transparency over system and asset performance with near real-time dynamic KPIs based on manual lab data and digital signals (e.g., pump efficiencies). These capabilities allow the operator to:

  • Monitor individual asset performance or overall system performance for troubleshooting.
  • Plot and visualize operational data for deeper performance analysis.
  • Pre-programmed limits for assets and performance criteria (e.g., feed pump efficiencies).


Membrane Performance
Here the user can view current membrane performance and performance of cleanings. Proper servicing procedures and timing are crucial to a membrane’s health.

Pressure Vessel Analytics
Here the user can an manage the membrane rack, optimize replacements, and improve servicing and troubleshooting.

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