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INTERACTIVE is a tool used to perform thorough root cause analysis for troubleshooting or to assist with supporting optimization opportunities.


The process for using INTERACTIVE is as follows:

  • Search for Assets (sensors) that you wish to examine
  • Select a date range. In the case of performing root cause analysis, it is recommended to select a date range a several days prior to the date of the event so that prior performance can be observed
  • Select Sensors and/or KPIs

Filter feature

The user can filter the sensors/KPI search in categories including Equipment Type and/or Property. This will selectively only add the related tags in the search option and help narrow down what the user is looking for.

Sensors/KPI search

The KPI Search function allows the user to search through plant assets easily. As with other search options on the platform, it is easy to narrow down the search range by entering one of the following:


  • Free-form text, such as pump, water, RO-1, etc.
  • Hashtag search – typing the hash mark # into the search box will bring up a list of asset tags to search.
  • Asset search – typing the @ symbol into the search box will bring up a list of assets to search.

Multiple sensors and KPIs can be added to the KPI selection.

Interactive Graph Metrics and Y-Axis Setup

This section allows the user to see what sensors and KPIs will included on the interactive graph and gives the option of choosing different y-axis per sensor.


By selecting the KPI expansion on a particular KPI it is possible to further refine that KPIs behavior using Filtering.


  • Filter data
    • Filters data bases on the upper and lower limits of the sensor, as defined by the upper and lower Alert settings for that sensor (if it exists, otherwise no filtering)
  • Show/Hide
    • Limits – shows the plant defined limits, expressed as a red line on the graph
    • Design point – shows the manufacturer’s design point limits, expressed as a blue line on the graph
    • Gaps for missing data – shows gaps for missing data instead of interpolating a line between the last 2 data points.
  • Aggregation
    • Selects the arithmetic function used for displaying the data. The options are Minimum, Average, Maximum, Standard Deviation and Sum (Total).
    • It is also possible to set the period for aggregation, with options ranging from 5 minutes to 3 months.

Related Tags search

The Related Search automatically updates all affiliated tags with the sensors/KPIs used in the search. This assists the user with related metrics/KPIs to help with the analysis.

Log Entries

The Log Entries option displays the Operator logs as shaded lines within the graph. This provides additional context and Insights to plant operations at the time of the selected event. 

Save Interactive graph

Any search can be saved for future use. The Saved Searches displays prior saved searches for easy retrieval and future use.


Interactive is a useful tool when you need to look closely at an individual asset over a period of time or compare assets when doing root cause analysis. For plant operators, the additional asset information can help them understand plant operations at a deeper level. For Process Analysts, it allows for more specific historical reporting when performing asset analysis.

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