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Data page
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The DATA page allows plant operators and administrators to capture manual data regarding plant operations. Additionally, the DATA page is where much of the plant’s reporting and sensor data is set up. The DATA page consists of Workflows/Log Sheets, Forms and KPIs.

Workflows are Pani-designed datasets and inputs for specific water applications. These applications include things like Reverse Osmosis Membrane maintenance, and Raw and Product water quality.

Log Sheets are a subset of workflows and are designed to capture operator input regarding operating conditions or issues at a plant.
Forms are user-designed data capture tools that get manual data into the system’s database to drive KPIs.

KPIs are user-defined expressions that take the input from one or more sensors for data visualization that reflects key operating parameters for the plant.

What you can do on the Data page

  • Workflows
    • Data entry
    • Quick/Operator logs
  • (Optional) Membrane Workflows
    • Membrane replacement
    • Membrane installation
  • KPI Creator
    • Creating KPIs
    • Saving KPIs
    • Editing/updating KPIs
    • Deleting KPIs
    • Copying KPIs
  • Form Builder
    • Create a new form
    • Input fields: creating a sensor
    • Clone form fields/sensors
    • Transposing the Date/Fields
    • Filling out a form
    • Editing form entries
    • Edit a sensor/form field
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