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Sales - Do I need a sophisticated, digital plant?
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  Pani ZED™ does not require digitization to provide benefits. If your plant is 100% manual data entry, the platform can still be used as a data repository and reporting tool. The Pani ZED™ View product is the best fit for these applications. The great thing about getting started with Pani is that you will be building an historical, digital log that can be used in the future to predict plant behavior and reviewed to calculate set point optimizations. As your plant matures along its digital journey, the platform will grow with you and provide deeper insights and more features.
The View platform includes both a FormBuilder and a KPI Creator. The FormBuilder allows you to replicate any existing paper or spreadsheet logs. This minimizes training for your operators. The KPI Creator allows you to take sensor data entries and create KPIs that can be used in our dashboard reporting and as parameters for push notifications for when limits or performance parameters are exceeded.
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