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KPI-How do I create a Sensor?
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 Sensor data is created using the Form Builder tool on the Data Page. This is included in Starter and Base versions of Pani's Digital platform. Input fields on a form are based on sensor readings you take at the plant. Sensors and their associated data/readings are used to create KPIs and drive the various reporting features.
1. First enter a field label. This could various types of equipment, such as tanks, pumps, membranes, diffusers, etc.
2. Enter the Units of measure. There are dozens of unit types to choose from.
3. Select the type of equipment that this measurement or reading will come from (pump, temperature, flow meter, etc.).
4. Enter an Equipment label. This label can be the same as a field label or can be something like an asset tag name or detailed description of the asset.
5. Enter an Input Type/Property. Things like pressure, conductivity, salt passage, production, consumption, etc.
6. Select the upper and lower limits for the Input Property. These limits do not have to be manufacturing limits, these can be measurement limits.
7. Once the input fields have been configured, select the “Add field to form” button. Keep adding sensors and fields until your form is complete.
Save the form when you have finished entering in all fields and are happy with the layout.
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