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Insights-What do the 3 states of insights mean?
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 Acknowledge, Snooze, Remove:
1. The user can Acknowledge the Insight. This essentially closes the insight and implies that corrective action is being taken. After Acknowledging an Insight, the user is presented with a dialog box to indicate how the issue was corrected.
2. The user can Snooze the Insight for a selected period of time. The Insight will de-activate for the selected time period and will assert itself after the Snooze period has expired. Insights can be Snoozed indefinitely, but will continue to assert at the end of each Snooze period.
3. The user can Remove the Insight completely. This action is typically taken if the Insight message does not align with what is happening at the plant. This option allows plant operators to supply feedback so that the Insight can be modified for better relevancy in the future.
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